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The privacy policy and terms of use apply to all users who access our website.

The privacy of visitors to our website is very important to us, and we are committed to protecting it. We collect and use some personal data belonging to those users who use this website. We act as the controller of this data in accordance with federal law and international information security standards.


We provide this privacy policy, which contains important information about:

– Who should use this website-
What data we collect and what we do with it-
Your rights in relation to your personal data-
How to contact us

This policy explains what we will do with your personal information and is intended to make clear to all interested parties what types of data we collect, why we collect it and how users of this website can manage or delete their personal information.

These terms have been prepared in accordance with the General Law on the Protection of Personal Data (Law 13.709/18), the Marco Civil da Internet (Law 12.965/14) and the EU Regulation (n.2016/6790).

1 – Who should use this site

This site can be used by adults, teenagers and children.

2 – Data we collected and reasons for collection

Our website collects and uses some personal data from visitors and users as follows:

        2.1) Personal data expressly provided by the user

We collect the following personal data that users provide to us when using our website:

Full Name; Email Address; Phone Numbers; Contact Messages;

The collection of this data occurs at the following times:

 When the user uses the contact form; – When the user registers to receive newsletters, discounts and materials such as infographics, e-books, surveys, case studies and worksheets, among other content; – When the user participates in studies, polls and surveys;

The data provided by our users is collected for the following purposes:  

To quote or hire our services; – To contact our customer service; – To send informative materials and educational content; – To communicate offers, announcements and promotions; – For our employees to contact you via email, phone, chat and text messages to conduct research and/or present products and services. – To send messages regarding support or services, such as alerts, notifications and updates; – To send reminders and notifications of meetings and events; – For any and all purposes that the user authorizes us at the time of data collection; – To create an account / profile on our platform; – To request an online transaction; – To comply with our legal, regulatory and tax obligations;

   2.2) Personal behavioral data:

  When you visit our website, a cookie is placed in your browser by means of the Google Analytics software to identify how many times you visited our website, how long you stayed on our website, from which city you accessed us and which pages you read and recommended, among other things.

We collect the following personal data through cookies and other forms that users generate and/or provide to us when using our website: 

– IP address; – Geolocation data and geographical location; – Keywords and search terms; – Referring source, browser type and version; – Visited pages, duration time of each visit and history of visits – Contextual data based on the browsing experience, such as most frequent dates and times of access, click count on links and buttons, number of downloads of materials, newsletter openings, among others. – Data of transactions and payments made through the website; – All data collected through the Facebook tracking pixel; – All data collected through the Google Analytics tracking pixel;

The collection of this data occurs at the following times:

When the user visits one of our pages; – When the user reads and/or comments on one of our publications and posts; – When the user watches one of our online videos; – When the user logs in and out of the site; – When the user uses messaging applications or chats; – When the user contacts us by email, telephone or form; – When the user registers to receive newsletters, videos, worksheets, e-books, texts, infographics or any other content and materials; – When you click on links, buttons, ads, images and videos; – When you participate in online polls and surveys; – When you forward or share our pages and content; – When you request a quote or service; – When you interact with our site in any way; – When you make an online purchase;

The data generated and/or provided by our users are collected for the following purposes:  

– To ensure the security of the website; – To detect unusual behavior and security breaches; – To trace where possible invasion attempts originate; – To comply with the legal determination of storing access records, as provided in art. 15 of the Marco Civil da Internet; – To generate visitation and interaction statistics with our website; – To develop new features on our website; – To optimize and improve navigation, usability and site layout; – To understand how users use our website and assist in the search for new solutions, courses, content, products and services; – To perform advertisements and communication targeted to the user’s tastes and interests; – To personalize the experience of the user who visits our website; – For any and all purposes that the user authorizes us at the time of data collection; – To ensure the authenticity of transactions made on the website; – To comply with our legal and regulatory obligations;

2.3) Sensitive Personal Data: 

We do not collect sensitive data from our users, as defined in articles 11 and following of the General Law on the Protection of Personal Data.

The site may collect the following sensitive data from users:

Sensitive data provided by our users may be collected for the following purposes:

The collection and use of sensitive personal data will be made with the specific consent of its holders, except in cases in which the General Data Protection Law allows processing on legal grounds other than consent.

In any case, the processing of sensitive data will occur to meet specific purposes expressed in this policy or duly informed to the user by other means.

  2.4) Data from children and adolescents: 

We collect some data from children and adolescents that users provide to us when using our website

We collect the following data from children and adolescents that users provide to us when using our website:

– Full Name; – Email Address; – Phone Numbers; – Contact Messages;

Data collection from children and adolescents occurs at the following times:

– When users fill out forms with their family data; – When the teen user gets in touch through messaging apps, chats, phone calls, video calls or other means; – When the teen user signs up to receive newsletters, discounts and materials such as infographics, e-books, surveys, case studies and worksheets, among other content; – When the teen user participates in studies, polls and surveys; – When the teen user makes an online purchase;

Data provided by our users under the age of 18 is collected for the following purposes:  

– To contact our customer service; – To send informative materials and educational content; – To communicate offers, announcements and promotions targeted to parents and family members of children and teens; – So that our employees can contact parents and adult family members, via email, phone, chat and text messages to conduct research and / or present products and services; – To send messages regarding support or services, such as alerts, notifications and updates; – For any and all purposes that the teen user and / or responsible adult authorizes us at the time of data collection; – To create an account / profile on our platform; – To comply with our legal, regulatory and tax obligations;

2.5) Cookies:

     Cookies are small text files automatically downloaded onto your device when you access and navigate a website. They are used to identify devices, activities and user preferences.

Cookies do not allow any file or information to be extracted from the user’s hard drive. It is not possible that, by means of cookies, to have access to personal information that has not departed from the user or from the way he uses the features and functionalities of the site.

Disabling cookies that can be disabled may harm the user experience, since information used to customize it will no longer be used.

a) Website Cookies

Website cookies are cookies that are sent to the user’s computer or device exclusively by the website. The information collected by means of these cookies is used to improve and personalize the user experience, and some cookies can, for example, be used to remember the user’s preferences and choices, as well as to offer personalized content.

b) Third Party Cookies

Some of our partners may set cookies on the devices of users who access our website. These cookies, in general, aim to enable our partners to offer their content and services to the user accessing our website in a personalized way, by obtaining navigation data extracted from their interaction with the website.

The user can obtain more information about third-party cookies and how the data obtained from them are handled, as well as access to the description of the cookies used and their characteristics, by accessing the following links:

Google Analytics:;

Facebook Pixel:

 c) Cookie Management

The user can oppose the registration of cookies by the website, simply by disabling this option in their own browser. More information on how to do this in some of the main browsers used today can be accessed from the following links:

Internet Explorer:


Google Chrome:

Mozila Firefox:


The user may also oppose the use of cookies by the website itself, simply by deactivating them when they first start using the website by clicking on the cookie notice and then deactivating this option in their browser to ensure that the cookie log has been deactivated.

Upon entering the website for the first time, the user will have the option to block or to allow the use of cookies by simply selecting the corresponding option in the dialogue box (cookie notice) automatically loaded as soon as our page is accessed.

The deactivation of cookies, however, may affect the availability of some tools and functionalities of the website, compromising its correct and expected functioning. Another possible consequence is the removal of user preferences that may have been saved, harming your browsing experience.

Disabling all cookies, however, will not be possible, as some of them are essential for the website to function correctly.

3 – Data Sharing with Third Parties

Data collected through this site may be shared with the following companies, applications and/or tools:

– We share some data with Google and other Analytics tools to perform analysis and generate reports; – We may share data with tools for building web pages, online forms and sending newsletters via email; – Companies partnered or contracted to provide outsourced services such as marketing agencies, management software, automation applications, audits and/or payment processors; – Competent judicial, administrative or governmental authorities, whenever there is a legal determination, application, request or court order;

This data is shared for the following reasons and for the following purposes:

– So that users can receive browsing experience, product offers and personalized services according to their interests; – We may share data with partner companies that provide marketing, payment and data processing services or applications, for the purposes of enabling payments, audits, research, studies, analytics, creating personalized content, advertising campaigns, automating tasks and/or improving our service; – For any and all purposes that the user authorizes us at the time of data collection;

In addition to the situations informed herein, it is possible that we share data with third parties to comply with a legal, technical or regulatory determination. In the case of information to be shared in compliance with a request from a public authority, this will always be done through a court order, as defined by law.

In any case, the sharing of personal data will observe all applicable laws and rules, always seeking to ensure the security of our users’ data, observing the technical standards and good information security practices.

By continuing to use this site you authorize us to share your data.

This website may operate in conjunction with other companies in a wide range of activities in conjunction with advertisers, sponsors, suppliers and business partners, online and offline, in addition to the tools of disclosure, advertising and performance analysis.

We reserve the right to share your information, including location, registration and interest data, with our partners, advertisers, suppliers and service providers, whenever possible, in an anonymous way in order to preserve your privacy. By this document, you expressly authorize us to share such information.

This website allows other companies and ad networks to advertise on our platform through different technologies. Therefore, you may occasionally directly receive advertisements, content and links displayed in a personalized manner according to your interests and behaviors on our platform, online social networks or other services with which you interact. To this end, data may be shared between us and these other companies, particularly unique identifiers, IP addresses, cookies and java scripts, which may be used to measure the effectiveness of online advertising. You hereby expressly authorize us to share your data.

We are not responsible for the acts, advertisements and content generated by our business partners and ad networks, and this Policy does not apply to them, as we do not control them.

All of your data, information and content may be considered assets in the event of negotiations to which we are a party. Therefore, we reserve the right to include your data among the assets of the company if it is sold, acquired or merged with another company. You hereby agree and are aware of this possibility.

4 – For how long your personal data is stored

The personal data collected through the website are stored and used for the period of time that is necessary to achieve the purposes listed in this document and that considers the rights of its holders, the rights of the controller of the website and the applicable legal or regulatory provisions.

The minimum storage time is 6 months for behavioral data, according to Article 15 of the Marco Civil da Internet and 5 years after the end of the relationship with the user for registration data, according to Article 27 of the Code of Consumer Protection.

Once personal data storage periods have expired, personal data may be removed from our databases or anonymized, except in cases where storage is possible and/or necessary due to a legal or regulatory provision.

If requested by the User, the data may be deleted before this period. However, the data may need to be kept for a longer period for reasons of law, court order, fraud prevention (art. 11, II, “a” of the General Data Protection Act “LGPD”, Law No. 13.709/2018), credit protection (art. 7, X, LGPD) and other legitimate interests, in accordance with article 10 of the LGPD. Upon expiry of the deadline and legal necessity, they will be deleted using secure disposal methods, or used in anonymized form for statistical purposes.

We emphasize that the data may continue to be stored if there is any legal or regulatory justification, even if the purpose for which the data was collected and/or processed has been exhausted.

The data is stored continuously for as long as the user has an active account on our website and/or continues to use, browse, interact, communicate and maintain some kind of relationship or contact with us. Once the processing and/or the relationship with the user has ended, subject to the provisions of this section, the data is deleted or anonymised.

5 – Legal bases for processing personal data

We process the personal data of our users on the following legal grounds, which justify data processing:

5.1 – Non-sensitive personal data

– upon consent of the personal data subject; – for compliance with a legal or regulatory obligation by the controller; – for the regular exercise of rights in judicial, administrative or arbitral proceedings; – for contract enforcement or preliminary proceedings related to a contract to which the data subject is a party, at the request of the personal data subject; – for credit protection – when necessary to meet the legitimate interests of the controller or a third party; – for the protection of the life or physical integrity of the data subject or a third party;

 5.2 – Data from children and adolescents

– Data processing of children and adolescents is based on the consent of at least one of their parents or guardians. – Children’s personal data may be collected without the consent mentioned in the previous paragraph if the collection is necessary in order to contact the parents or legal guardian, used only once and without storage, or for their protection.

5.3 – Consent of the Holder

By using this site, requesting services and/or providing personal information the user is consenting to this privacy policy.

Certain processing operations of personal data carried out on our website will depend on the prior agreement of the user, who must manifest it in a free, informed and unequivocal manner.

By visiting this website, contacting us, registering and/or interacting with us in any way, the user acknowledges the present policy and may exercise their rights to cancel their registration, update their personal data and guarantees the veracity of the information they provide.

The user may revoke his consent at any time and request the deletion of his data, whereby, in the absence of legal hypothesis allowing or requiring the storage of data, the data provided by consent shall be deleted.

5.4 – Compliance with legal or regulatory obligations by the controller

Some personal data processing operations, in particular data storage, will be carried out in order for us to comply with obligations under law or other regulatory provisions applicable to our activities.

5.5 – Contract performance

For the execution of a purchase and sale or service contract, eventually signed between the site and the user, other data related and/or necessary to its execution may be collected and stored, including the content of eventual communications with the user.

6 – User Rights

The user of the website has the following rights, conferred by the General Law of Protection of Personal Data:

Confirmation of the existence of processing;
Access to data;

 Correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data;

Anonymization, blocking or deletion of unnecessary, excessive data or data processed in breach of the provisions of the law; – Portability of data to another service or product provider, upon express request, in accordance with the regulations of the national authority, observing commercial and industrial secrets;
Deletion of personal data processed with the consent of the data subject, except in cases provided for by law;
Information on public and private entities with which the controller has shared data;
information on the possibility of not providing consent and on the consequences of refusal;
revocation of consent.

It is important to highlight that, under the LGPD, there is no right of deletion of data processed on a legal basis other than consent, unless the data is unnecessary, excessive or processed in breach of the law.

6.1 – How the holder can exercise his rights     

Holders of personal data processed by us may exercise their rights by means of the form made available at the following path:

Alternatively, if desired, the holder may send an email to the following address:

[email protected]

Holders of personal data processed by us can exercise their rights by sending a message to our Personal Data Protection Officer either by email, form or correspondence. The necessary information can be found in the “How to contact us” section of this Privacy Policy.

To ensure that the user wishing to exercise their rights is in fact the holder of the personal data that is the subject of the request, we may request documents or other information that may assist in their correct identification in order to safeguard our rights and the rights of others. This will only be done, however, if absolutely necessary, and the requester will receive all related information.

7 – Security measures for the processing of personal data

We employ technical and administrative measures to protect personal data from unauthorized access and from the destruction, loss, misplacement or alteration of such data.

The measures we use take into account the nature of the data, the context and purpose of the processing, the risks that a possible breach would create to the rights and freedoms of the user, international security standards such as ISO 27001 and the standards currently employed by companies similar to ours.

Among the security measures adopted by us, we highlight the following:

Although we do everything in our power to prevent security incidents, it is possible that problems may occur that are caused exclusively by a third party, such as hacker or cracker attacks, or in cases where you are solely responsible, such as when you yourself transfer your data to a third party. Thus, although we are generally responsible for the personal data we process, we cannot be held liable in such exceptional circumstances over which we have no control.

In any case, if any type of security incident occurs that could generate relevant risk or damage to any of our users, we will notify those affected and the National Data Protection Authority of what has occurred, in accordance with the provisions of the Law.


8 – Login to the site

The user declares to be aware that his login and password are of personal and non-transferable use and that he must keep them under secrecy and in a secure environment. When accessing our website/application, the user must not use as his own the login and password of others or give it to others to use.

9 – Changes to this policy

This version of this Privacy Policy was last updated on: 2020-12-30

We reserve the right to modify the privacy policy at any time, especially to adapt it to changes made to our website, either by providing new features or by cancelling or modifying existing ones.

Whenever there is a change, our users will be notified of the change.

10 – How to contact us

To clarify any questions about this Privacy Policy or the personal data we process,

please contact our Personal Data Protection Officer via any of the channels below:

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 55-41984226698

 Address: bruno filgueira street, 2211, 5th floor – Curitiba/PR

11 – Jurisdiction for Conflict Resolution

This document is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil. Any disputes shall be filed in the district court where the headquarters of the company is located. The District Court of Curitiba/PR is elected as the competent jurisdiction to settle any disputes that may arise from this document, expressly waiving any other, however privileged it may be.